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On this FAQ you can find some of the most outstanding NEWS and COVID measures of SALOMON ULTRA PIRINEU 2021.

    Race bib numbers will be assigned according to the ITRA performace index of each runner, so that the participant with the highest score will get the number 1, and so on.

    Runners who do not have an ITRA performance index will be assigned the last remaining numbers.

    The documentation required for race bib collection is indicated in the regulations:

    • Vaccination certificate or negative PCR/Antigenic test of less than 48h (printed)
    • Informed consent form that can be downloaded from the web www.ultrapirineu.com (printed and signed by the racebib owner)
    • ID or passport
    • Insurance card (private or from federation) that was used for registration. Runners that purchased the accidents insurance from the Organization upon registration, do not need to bring any insurance card.

    Persons collecting a racebib in the name of a runner that can't pick it up in person, will need to bring all the documentation printed and signed by the racebib owner.

    The drop bag must be delivered to the staff at Bagà’s Sports Hall during the race bib collection time, or before the start (between 04:30h and 05:00h)

    There is only one point to collect your racebib for the ULTRA, MARATÓ and MITJA:

    1. BARCELONA (from 3 to 17 September 2021): SALOMON STORE from 10h  to 21h (only runners registered before september 1st)
    2. BAGÀ (Friday October 1st 2021): Sports Hall from 12h to 22h


    IMPORTANT: It won't be possible to collect any racebib for any race on saturday October 2nd and sunday October 3rd, because some races will have already started by then.

    If the racebib owner can't collect their racebib in person at the times and places established, there is an option for racebib collection by a third party by following the steps outlined in Article 3 of the regulations. The third party may collect the racebib at the  same established collection points and times.

    Race bib collection for NIT PIRINEU is at the "Self Service" near the offices of La Molina Telecabin, on Friday October 1st between 18h and 19h.

    When collecting bib numbers in Bagà (1/10/2021) it will be necessary to present, along with the usual documentation (see regulation), one of these 3 printed documents:

    1- EU certificate of COVID-19 full vaccination.

    2- EU certificate of COVID-19 recovery.

    3- Recent negative PCR or antigenic test (less than 48h) 

    Vaccine certificates from non-UE countries will be also accepted if they show full vaccination with any of the following vaccines aproved by the EMA:

    • Pfizer/BioNTech (2 doses)
    • Asta Zeneca (2 doses)
    • Moderna (2 doses)
    • Janssen (1 dose)

    For runners that don't have a valable vaccine certificte, or for those that are not vaccinated, there will be a medical service performing antigenic tests in Bagà Sports Hall on Friday, October 1st between 10h and 22h (Mandrágora Salud).

    The price for each test will be of 10€.

    IMPORTANT: Runners who wish to be tested in Bagà should make a reservation by sending an email to bhurtado@mandragorasalud.com, indicating ONLY their name and surname in the subject. THE LIMIT DATE TO THE RESERVATION IS SEPTEMBER 29th

    The SUP100K, SMP42K and SMP21K starts will take place as usual in Plaça Porxada!

    However, this year we will expand the starting area at the back to be able to make separated starting boxes. Access to the different boxes is as follows (see map below):

    Access to BOX 1: From Carrer Major

    Race bib numbers 1 to 50 (Ultra) - 2001 to 2050 (Marató)


    Access to BOX 2:  From Carrer d'en Càlic

    Race bib numbers 51 to 700 (Ultra) - 2051 to 2700 (Marató) – 4001 to 4700 (Mitja)


    Access to BOX 3: From Plaça San Roc through Carrer Mestre Elisard Sala.

    Race bib numbers 701 to 1400 (Ultra) – 2701 to 3400 (Marató) – 4701 to 5100 (Mitja)


    Runners from the first box will start first, and the next box will start right after, without waiting time.

    All runners should access their box at the time indicated in the program.



    The start of La Molina Nit Pirineu will be done as usual, but mask will be also mandatory until crossing the starting line.

    In order to reduce the rubbish and the environmental impact, there will be NO plates, glasses or cutlery at any aid station (including the finish line). Therefore, each runner must bring their own.

    To minimize queues, waiting and material handling indoors, this year THE EQUIPMENT VERIFICATION SERVICE on Friday IS SUSPENDED.

    Even so, the race EQUIPMENT CONTROLS will be carried out AS USUAL. It is very important that all participants carefully review the list of required equipment.

    Due to the health regulations this service is SUSPENDED in this edition.

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